<![CDATA[ IndigoWorld.com - Blog]]>Wed, 24 Apr 2019 22:36:07 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Lost in Space: An out-of-body experience]]>Fri, 04 Dec 2015 21:48:57 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/lost-in-space-an-out-of-body-experienceLast night I had another enjoyable OBE (out-of-body experience, through astral projection) . Although infrequent, they are fascinating experiences for me, they always lead me question what is reality and the meaning of ‘consciousness’ itself? What is the real reality and when are we truly ‘awake’?

In this experience, I recall standing fully-clothed in a cabin-like wooden house, while in front of me was a naked man. He would have been in his early 30s. He was a tall, lean, Caucasian, with short brown hair and perhaps a short beard and a little bit of chest hair between his pectorals. There was nothing sexual in this encounter. Our conversation was telepathic; however, I do not remember the details, other than at one point I asked to hug him, and he complied.

I always give genuine hugs, and as we embraced I felt the love connection between us and at that point I went out of body. I remember moving with him, (as if we were traveling together, and he was the guide or the vehicle for doing so), up into the sky, out into the atmosphere and into space. As we moved quickly and gently further into space, the stars turned from silver to an indigo and then turquoise. I remember we came to a stop in space, and at that time I remember looking around and admiring the color of the stars, thinking how beautiful they looked.

And that was the end of the experience. It was very pleasurable. Next I remember being conscious in bed and thinking I must remember as much as I can about this experience, so I can share it with you.

Love and Care,

<![CDATA[A visit with the Archturians]]>Sat, 05 Sep 2015 00:49:07 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/obe-09042015PictureA 1960s painting by El Gato Gomez predominantly features aquamarine-turquoise, indicating 5th dimensional frequencies and higher consciousness.

A visit with the Archturians:
OBE Friday morning, September 4, 2015. 3:25 am.

Last night (Friday morning) I had one of the most amazing OBE's that I can recall. It started when for some reason I pulled up my t-shirt over my head exposing my chest, the front hitched over my head and behind my neck, my arms still in their sleeves. While still laying flat on my stomach, a dream sequence commenced...

I recall standing in front of what was like an old movie theatre box office in line to purchase tickets. I remember seeing other friends there in line and milling around and I nodded to them in acknowledgement, recognizing one as Simon Fenstra who I knew from High School but was never really friendly with. We were all dressed in black pants and white shirts with black back-packs on. There was also tan color involved, like two bars of tan stripes running up and down our shirt, or perhaps the pack-packs themselves were tan and not black.

As I was purchasing my ticket and paying the attendant, I looked down and there were a lot of gold and silver coins at my feet, which I had assumed others had dropped when reaching for change. As I was engaging in conversation with the box office attendant, I bent down to pick some up of the coins  (there were plenty, it was quite a sum) and even Simon saw it and I offered some to him. Significantly, the more I picked up, the more there seemed to be, like it was a pit of gold and silver disks. I took as many as I could and left the remainder, which had since replenished. With the ticket in hand and the disks in my pocket, I proceeded to walk away, perhaps to our destination.

The next thing I remember is walking along a train station platform where there were several trains waiting to depart. I was unsure which train to get on, but there was one I saw which was the one I was supposed to be on and I was at the last carriage and boarded just as the doors closed. They closed on me, but I forced them open (with some ease which surprised me, as it is something I would not normally do) and inside were other students that knew of me. I nodded to them, walked by Simon who was standing and we telepathically acknowledged each other in recognition of having fond and shared the gold and silver disks.  There were no other passengers on this train other than the 'students'.

Then I remember being on my own and looking through a catalog of interior designs or fashion or what looked to be like a shopping catalog showing shopping malls from the 1960s and 70s. I love Mid-Century stuff, with their amazing pops of colors and space-age and atomic-era inspired designs.  I remember looking at the dates and it referenced the year 1978 and 1984, which were on the back cover of the catalog.  What I was actually seeing 78 and 84 on the back cover and interpreting as the years 1978 and 1984. Then I noticed that it was a reproduction (modern) catalog, not an original one from that era. It was like a softcover book and was in good condition.

The next thing I remember is actually being somehow transported to inside one of these shopping malls and walking with someone along-side me at my left. It looked like one of the malls illustrated in the catalog from 1978.  I liked the environment and it was as if I was being shown around. Then we turned a corner and before I could even stop or change my step we went through a 'bubble-like' gel emerging into another shopping center, this one more from the late 1960s – very clean and 'space-age' in design. I could see it before we went through the bubble, but once through the bubble,  it became very clear, and I could experience the air clean and crispness once on the 'other side'. I remember I gasped at the beauty of the environment. It was exhilarating and impressed me significantly.  I also recall in a previous OBE this same phenomena when going from one place (dimension?) to another. 

The walls were in the most amazing blue-turquoise colored squares - a color very specific and unique to that era – you do not see this color much today.  This specific color carries with it a light and sound frequency of specific intention and direction for the transformation of higher consciousness.  It carries with it an understanding of who we are in the grand scheme of things.  The veils of illusion are lifted for purity and truth to remain.  It is a quantum leap of consciousness.  I remember the  turquoise color and energy of the space to be so amazing and wonderful.  More can be found about the significance of the turquoise energy in the link highlighted.  (having since researched after the OBE).

The construction was like a plastic perspex like material, with chrome edging and supports around each square. The upper part of the walls were of the same material and pattern but in white, and also in an opaque glass with a bluish-green tinge to it. The walls seemed to disappear up into the ceiling, which was a white opaque light with no determinable height. There were pendant lamps suspended from the invisible ceiling by a white cord and they seemed to be shaped like a white orchid – they emitted a light the same as the ceiling itself in hue or intensity and seemed living or organic.  The floors were white, flat, smooth, like polished concrete, but softer and seemed to have some cushioning to them.  I was wearing white slippers and could hear my footsteps, which were not loud.

On one side (to my left) there seemed to be someone working on something at a table – it seemed like the whole environment had something to do with hydroponics, water and the growing of plants, like the large orchid lights that were all around.

The man working had black hair and flat even-toned skin, perhaps very light blue. His eyes were completely round, white with a black pupil, and contained in round eye-sockets.  He did not blink and had no discernible eye-lids. His nose was not at all pronounced, almost non existent, and he has small, closed pink lips. I know he could see me, there seemed a telepathic awareness. He did not stop what he was doing but had his gaze fixed on me the entire time. He moved in small-erratic movements to his work on the table (like that of a Hummingbird) and it seemed as if he was suspended off the ground, somehow floating. He did not need feet to walk, he moved by his thought-consciousness. He was dressed from head-to-toe in black and it seemed like he had a black skirt on and I could not see his feet. He seemed to me to be Archturian, in fact, I am certain of it as I got this impression distinctly at that moment.

Over to the center right was a chrome and glass like 'bar' with stools, counter and glass shelving although I could not make out what was on them. Once again, it looked like glass pots with these white orchids in them. There was I think someone sitting at the bar, a female, with big blond hair in a white outfit. Very good looking, Scandinavian. Could well have been six-feet tall. She was motionless. I was very excited by everything I saw. I loved the room. Once again, the feeling I was experiencing was exhilaration.  It seemed to me that there were more people but they only became alive or activated when you looked at them, which I found interesting... perhaps they were droids?

The next thing I remember was being in my childhood home in my bedroom looking out my bedroom window. It was like I was back at home in the 1980s when I was experiencing a lot of Alien and OBE phenomena. The bedroom window was void of drapes/blinds, wide open to the night sky and I remember looking and seeing a vast panorama of stars and even noticing a galaxy-system (orange to the lower left view) which I pointed out. Exhilaration again and I have experienced this view before. I was in a space-ship out in deep space. The stars were out in the distance, but it filled my view.

Next I remember a feeling of rushing forward, leading or flying head-first through the bedroom 'window' (which disappeared), and out into  space, rushing fast to some destination.  It was as if I was headed to a destination before I could even process of thinking it.  The next thing I remember is being aware that I was having an OBE and to remain calm, which I did. I surrendered to the experience and said 'take me, I'm yours'.  I remember my head tilted back and my mouth opened wide and a sensation of like having something like a newspaper shoved down my throat. Not uncomfortable, just the idea of energy leaving/returning.

The next thing I recall is being aware of being in my bed. I remember feeling very good and I was still on my chest with my shirt at the back of my neck.  I've never put my shirt that way.... so strange.  I remember my chest feeling ice-cold, like I had been sleeping on a cold metal table. Then I remember strobes of energy coming in from my crown chakra all the way through my body and exiting my toes. Several waves, almost like a whole body orgasm, but not at all sexual. My body was humming and I could almost see its light. I was aware of the consciousness in my fingertips and toes, such was my body awareness and I was in awe of my body and the system we have. I remember the waves slowed a little bit at my stomach (as the processed the mass inside – the food and digestive tract) and I remember thinking, this is why they do not eat like we do. It is a huge effort on the body and consciousness to support eating the way we currently do. I remember thinking to try to change my ways and be more accommodating to my system.

Once I got back into my body (more awake) I was able to open my eyes – its was 3:25 am. I was surprised to see my t-shirt the way it was, the front hitched over my head and behind my neck, my arms still in their sleeves, and proceeded to put it back on properly – my chest still feeling uncomfortably cold. At this point I turned over and stretched. I knew I had just been on board a craft and that multi-dimensional part of me had been out in space. I thanked the beings so much and was thrilled that I had made the experience consciously without any anxiety or body discomfort.

I recall how amazed I was at what had happened and saw how they took or used actual experiences from my memory associated with feelings (like interest) as was demonstrated with the whole mid-century modern theme. There is more to that consciousness of design and inspiration from the 60s, however, specifically as it relates to the color turquoise. I feel the beings may have been around Earth a lot at that time. Something amazing is happening, I know it. I just feel amazing and I am so grateful that I remembered all of this and was able to document it today, as usually the memory is gone and all I have is the feeling of having been 'out of body'.  Words cannot describe that feeling, and to place a positive or negative emotion to is seems unnecessary somehow.  

Interestingly, it's 3pm now and a colossal thunder and lightning storm is in full force!

Dr. Norma J. Milanovich in her book We are the Archturians explains that they are the overall guides or administrators of the contact experience for the people of Earth and have a great desire to see this go well and see we learn as much as possible by this process and to assist us in any way they can.  Their affinity is to the future of the planet as a whole. The Arcturians’ main activity therefore appears to be one of integrating spiritual values with advanced technologies and providing strategic advice in transforming planetary systems.

The global solutions the Arcturians contribute to include:
  • Transparent and accountable global governance
  • Integrating global financial, political and societal systems
  • Helping humanity coordinate effectively with all extraterrestrial races
  • Diplomacy and conflict resolution.
After the OBE last night, I was guided today to find the images below and learn of the significance of the turquoise energy.  I was able to find the information on the Archturians above when I found this website and additional resources at: The Turquoise Energy.  Enjoy!

This period photo of a shopping mall in Edina, MN, from the 1960s gives the idea of hydroponics, the bar, the flat, solid walls, invisible ceiling and pendant lamps which were like white orchid flowers in the OBE.
This image shows the idea of that 60s-style turquoise, with glass and chrome (although gold is shown here) which were the dominant color-themes in the OBE.
An Archturian sculpture created by artist Cynthia Crawford is almost identical to the man I saw in my OBE in both facial features and dress.
<![CDATA[Very Superstitious]]>Fri, 17 Aug 2012 03:23:08 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/very-superstitiousPictureThe daytime view from our location at the foothills of the Superstition Mountains, Phoenix.
Tales of the Unexplained

It's another perfect day in the valley of the sun late one afternoon in August, but today is special. I've been invited to a private location hosted by a dear friend, along with another 20-or so 'experiencers' to share our knowledge of the unexplained and try to connect with the unusual energy surrounding the mysterious Superstition Mountains...

Driving east out of Phoenix, US Highway 60 passes along the south side of Sky Harbor International Airport and over a bridge traversing the Salt River, running concurrently with US I-10. Once over the river, the freeway continues towards the east through Tempe, passing by its wonderful outdoor Marketplace. After the curve, I-10 and US 60 part ways with I-10 continuing towards the south and US 60 now heading east where it then becomes known ominously as the 'Superstition Freeway', so named after the mountains at the freeway terminus.

Continuing on east, we drive through the town of Mesa, past its city limits and into Pinal County and the town of Apache Junction. It is here that Highway 60 ends and we make a sudden turn off onto some less traveled roads and increasingly away from civilization. The mountains are instantly recognizable, jutting out from the desert landscape, pushed up suddenly it would seem, from the very center of the earth itself.

Ask any Phoenix local and they will tell you a dozen or so varied stories about the Superstitions. There are the famous and the infamous. The Legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine is the more common among them – with prospector Jacob Waltz in the late 1880's somehow acquiring a map to an abandoned mine that had once belonged to one of Mexico’s largest mining families. The Superstitions, it was said, was rumored to have veins of gold worth over 200 million dollars! He was said to have found the mine and paid for his things from that day forward in gold. However its exact whereabouts have never been found and many prospectors, from then until now, have lost their lives or simply disappeared in search of the mysterious gold fortune. It's known today as 'The Dutchman’s Curse' and prospector or hiker beware, it's real.

As the sun began to set and the air began to cool, we arranged our chairs in a circle to share introductions, stories and expectations of what the evening might hold for us. The mood was festive as we gave thanks to our host and moved onto a group meditation, aligning with the energy of the environment. There was something about the space which made us feel energized as we then began to laugh, chant, play bongos and chime bells. Our senses were awakened and impressions started pouring in among the group. 'They're here, I can feel them', offered our host. 'I can feel them too, our friends are dancing for us...', offered another, as we spread out among the Sonoran grass foothills of the mountains, being careful to avoid cactus at all cost in the diminishing light.

Long before more modern-day prospectors arrived digging for gold, indigenous tribes viewed the Superstitions as sacred. The Hopi tell of their significance in their creation stories, where the first humans are said to have came up from the underground city of Palatkwapi, through portals hidden deep within the mountains themselves. From these secret portals they entered the Fourth World, the world in which we all live today, and where it is said the portals still exist, moving people from one place to another, shifting time and the very nature of reality as we know it.

We don't venture out too far as a result, all of us well aware of such legends, and certainly do not even consider hiking the mountain itself. By now it was dark, and we had stetted back to our retreat with the chairs so arranged to view the mountains now silhouetted in a rich burgundy-red. Our host said for us to focus love toward the mountains and we all stared at them together in doe-eyed appreciation.  As we had been looking at the peeks it appeared as if some small boulders had dotted the tops like soldiers guarding a fortress. There was no movement, but it did seem like they had not been their before or at least we had not noticed them. And then it happened. A beautiful white light appeared at the edge of one of the peeks.  It was much larger and brighter than any light from a plane, and it moved decidedly, but unsteadily tracing its way along the mountain peek from right to left. It was inexplicable. It was huge, and it was moving. There was no way that a man-made light source could have be up there of that size and in that location, let alone getting a man to traverse up and along the mountain-peeks to carry it. The light never left the mountain-top – so it was definitely not a plane, and the site itself was completely inaccessible to any kind of vehicle for it to be mistaken as headlights.

In short, it was a UFO. We all could sense an emanation of love being transmitted from this light, and it was as if it were an acknowledgment that this is indeed a portal, perhaps even a star-gate to other dimensions, and our intergalactic friends were merely saying 'Hello'. And we were thrilled, because we got to say 'hello' in return. It was a wonderful sighting and experience for us all.

It's been said that the hot desert can play tricks on the mind. There are stories too of the secret underground tunnels running beneath the mountains, and an old military trail supposedly shrouded in government conspiracy of the highest order. But there was no doubt about what we were all able to witness that night. We all saw the light appear and move, and do its gentle dance for us along the mountaintop for about three minutes, before it quickly dimmed and disappeared behind Weaver's Needle, the peek of rock rising 4,553 feet at the left side of the mountain.

It was for us yet another tale of the unexplained. But for me, I was fortunate enough to have experienced the exact same phenomenon, together with my host and a smaller group of people, about a month earlier. It was the same type of light, hovering along the mountaintop. Spend enough time out there, and even the most skeptical will come to believe that there is something 'other-worldly' going on up in them thar hills! Just be sure, however, you don't go drinkin' none of that moonshine, and think of venturing out alone, or you may never come back to tell of your adventures!

Above: Another view of the dramatic Superstition Mountains. Left: A similar light to the one we witnessed, photographed December 2014 atop a mountain in Michocan, Mexico.
<![CDATA[In search of the Bradshaw Ranch...]]>Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:54:55 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/in-search-of-the-bradshaw-ranchPicture
Tales of the Unexplained

Arizona: ‘the Grand Canyon State’…
what better place than the wide open expanse of the desert to sit back and look up at the dazzling brilliance of the night sky.  Sometimes, however, investigating UFO phenomenon doesn’t always include looking up at the heavens.  This was especially the case for me on a recent field trip in search of the mysterious and notorious Bradshaw Ranch. The date is August 11, 2010 and the location; somewhere near Sedona, Arizona. 

All things given, Arizona with it’s now nearly mainstream ‘Phoenix Lights’ phenomenon, comes in a close second to it’s neighboring State of New Mexico’s ‘Roswell’ incident as being a hotbed of UFO and paranormal activity.  But tipping the odds in Arizona’s favor is one site where you can expect the unexpected.  Known as the Bradshaw Ranch, this place has seen more paranormal activity in recent years than perhaps any other US location.  So much so, it appears to have attracted the attention of the US Federal Government.  A cluster of paranormal activity has been reported; from sightings of strange humanoid entities, to the pulsating lights of UFOs – and the most massive amount Orb activity ever witnessed by this investigator.  And then there is ‘the portal’… 

Now before you get too excited – head my advice to the adventurous – this is definitely not a place to venture out by yourself… apart from the rocky off-roads and pitch black of the desert at night, the ranch itself is strictly off limits to the public.  And did I mention ‘the portal’? 

Back in the day, the site was owned by Bob Bradshaw who had acquired enough cattle to earn agricultural status for the ranch.  But over the years, the U.S. Forest Service continued to cut allotments at the ranch and by the mid 1990s the taxes on their operations grew to an unmanageable amount.  Around this time his son John, took over the ranch and promoted it as an adventure destination for tourists – offering horseback riding, jeep tours and dinner dances.  The Arizona weather and spectacular rock formations of the area provided additional inspiration, but the 90-plus acre site was soon purchased by the US Federal Government and is today managed by the US Forest Service. 

The purchase could be considered good news, one would think, as the ranch should be considered public land… But no, the entrance gates to the Bradshaw Ranch remain securely chained by three different padlocks and two large signs which prominently announce: “Property of the US Government — Trespassers will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law!”  And they are serious about that, trust me.  From what I have been able to research, all prior attempts to gain any kind of official permission to enter the site have been flatly refused without exception or explanation.  As far as the general public is aware, the mysterious Bradshaw Ranch is officially called an ‘archaeological site’ and remains firmly ‘off-limits’ – some would say ‘off outer limits’. 

But back to what makes the Bradshaw Ranch so fascinating for UFO believers and those keen on the unexplained… since the mid 1990s and significantly around the time the US Government showed so much interest in the site that they were prepared to acquire it, incredible and strange phenomena began to be reported, leading one to rationalize the strict ‘no-go’ policy as perhaps a good idea, yes? 

Bizarre paranormal activity was first described by the Bradshaw’s themselves.  Linda Bradshaw, while residing on the property, described unexplained balls of light and witnessed UFO phenomena which lead her to conclude the site had become an active inter-dimensional portal.  Linda herself wrote in her 1995 book Merging Dimensions - Opening the Portals of Sedona of her experiences on the ranch one evening while she was walking on the property “…right before my eyes, a huge and brilliant light appeared in the sky above me. I did not see anything but the light itself and it remained there for only a few seconds.” On a subsequent evening, now wiser and with camera in hand, she observed the light to appear again in the same spot: “I only had time to click the shutter twice, when the light instantly closed, leaving me to question whether it had been real.” 

According to Linda the photographs, taken on 35mm film, revealed an enormous rectangular light in the dark sky. Linda Bradshaw went on to co-author the book, ‘Merging Dimensions’, which details her many strange experiences on the Ranch – including preponderance for Orbs of many colors to float around her.  She describes these and Comet like objects which hovered off the ground and shot energy past her.  As word of these incidents grew, the homestead was soon featured on a paranormal TV show called ‘Sightings’ in 1992. 

As for my investigation, after what seems like an eternity of navigating gaping holes and dodging rocks along a deserted off-road path in the middle of the Sonora desert, our 4-wheel drive finally makes it to a small clearing and the gates to the infamous Bradshaw Ranch appear out of the darkness much like the Titanic revealing itself from the ocean depths.  Observing the strict ‘no trespassing’ notices, we decide to hike, flashlights in hand, another 20 minutes or so along the perimeter fence.  With the help of military-grade night-vision binoculars the homestead becomes clearly visible, along with its ominous windmill, stationary in the still heat of the night air.   We had arrived and this is where the normal became paranormal.

Our digital photographs were to quickly reveal brightly-colored Orbs floating around the entire area – testimony to Linda Bradshaw’s account – but it is with the assistance of night vision binoculars that we were able to see a massive concentration dancing in and around the steel windmill structure itself.  Now I’ve taken plenty of photos of Orbs but none with such color and intensity as these… but then to actually witness their seemingly intelligent movement, glittering in and out of luminosity around the windmill was simply inspiring and extraordinary.  This left no doubt in my mind that the Orb phenomenon is in fact intelligent life forms from another dimension.  Linda Bradshaw’s portal theory is correct. These were no mere dust particles my friend and we were certainly not in Kansas anymore! 

The energy in the area was one of serenity and even camaraderie between strangers.  Some suggest that these Orbs have a healing effect.  I feel good; happy, as I recall, but I did not come to be healed and this is no Lourdes.  Our guide reminded me of the weird phenomena which has occurred here in the recent past and it becomes apparent that we are indeed witness to evidence of an inter-dimensional portal.  Linda Bradshaw herself captured images of a non-existing Oceanside in her photographs there and new reports tell of people hearing 40s music and soda bottles found indicative of that era. 

This truly is the ‘outer limits’ of investigation and one must proceed with caution, if at all.  Ideas of being transported into some unknown zone seem potentially plausible and sensing and feeling is the order of the day, over violating and provoking.  I stay, as do we all, behind the barb wire fence and respect the energy, whatever it is, that has chosen to open itself up at the mysterious Bradshaw Ranch, deep in the Arizona desert.

Dozens of bright Orbs at the entrance to Bradshaw Ranch not visible to the naked-eye appear in my photos.
A large Orb moves through the Bradshaw Ranch windmill, causing it to move.
<![CDATA[Are we alone?]]>Fri, 23 Oct 2009 21:20:59 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/are-we-alonePicture
Tales of the Unexplained

The simple answer is - NO.  We are by no means the only intelligent life existing in the Universe.  But to get to this understanding, it requires in you the ability to set aside what you may have learned at school; what you may have come to believe about God through religion, and what you have seen before presented by the mainstream media.

It does require an open mind fully allow yourself to believe and comprehend that intelligent life and life forms not only exist in our solar system and the outer reaches of  space and the Universe, but also, have existed right here on mother Earth since the dawn of time, as we know it.

American astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan is famous for saying there are more stars in our Universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. 

We know there are 100 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way and more than 100 billion galaxies in the Universe — maybe as many as 500 billion.  If you multiply stars by galaxies, at the low end, you get 10 billion billion stars, or 10 sextillion stars in the Universe.  That's a 1 followed by 22 zeros... and that's only what we currently know! The actual numbers are mindbogglingly and the likelihood of intelligent life suddenly becomes more probable.

But what about the evidence?  Well, here are some things to consider....
  • There is evidence of UFOs and alien beings referenced throughout history, in the ancient native folklore origin and 'dream-time' stories they tell. 
  • There is evidence of UFOs and alien beings referenced in historical art renderings and historical writings through the modern era of civilized man.
  • There is evidence of UFOs and alien technology in the location, building, and exact mathematical execution of ancient monoliths and sites of worship still in existence today.
  • There is evidence of sudden, unexplained advances in arts, education, science and culture - 18th Dynasty Egypt; the time of Christ and during the Renaissance in Italy among them, all suggesting divine intervention.
  • There is evidence in everyday technology which is said to have been given or 'back-engineered' from more advanced beings which are behind the development of technology such as Fiber Optics, the Silicone Chip and Stealth technology in common use today.
  • There is evidence in the proliferation of actual UFO (and some would argue Alien) recordings captured by digital cameras and mobile devices by every-day people and posted to YouTube and media outlets such as Coast to Coast AM Radio.
  • There is evidence of UFO and Alien encounters which have been investigated by military personnel and documented which have recently been released by governments in Brazil, France and England, and disclosure of documents presented by Wikileaks.  Although still heavily selected, redacted and at times, ambiguous, they prove good evidence that something 'other-worldly' is going on.
  • There is evidence illustrated with the creation of channeled artwork by Ethani and sculptures by Cynthia Crawford as but two examples.
Your very own UFO and Alien sightings, impressions, channeling and experiences, which are being reported to organizations such as MUFON and the media and to other groups and citizens, as was encountered with over 10,000 people witnessing The Phoenix Lights.

<![CDATA[Meridan Magnets...]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2009 22:53:26 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/meridan-magnetsPicture
Tales from the Urban Monk

I arrived at the Dojo today, surprisingly a little early and with ease in joining the meditation session to get the evening going.  I must admit, this is a precious little gift… to spend ten serious minutes starring mindlessly at the custard cream paint of the Dojo walls.  

Thank goodness they don’t burn vanilla incense or otherwise I might be tempted to start licking the walls as if they were indeed made of real custard...  But seriously, if we all spent this precious ten minutes of time out to unwind after work, school or whatever, it would have an amazing effect on our collective psyche. After the stress of the work day, I noticed my mind begin to settle and calm and a deep sense of relaxation take hold of me… But then a seemingly overwhelming tiredness… No, it would not look good, my falling asleep in lotus position, head propped up face first against the wall for support… and Sensei is so sharp he would be on me in a flash reminding me to stay present.  The beautiful note of the Dojo bell chimes one… two… three in slow succession and its virginal tone transcends through my complete beingness…. I am back, and I am revived.

We form a neat line center of the Dojo floor. We chant, give a prayer of thanks and offer the benefit of our practice to all ‘sentient beings’.  Sensei commences: “Linda (pseudonym) is going to join us today for our class and perhaps to continue on with our practice”.  Linda?  Linda my friend, the friend who I invited to the open-house last month?  A quick glance to my right confirmed indeed it was her. Excellent!  I felt a wave of joy come over me… I really like my friend Linda and I know that she would be a perfect fit with the class. 

We continued with our exercises and stretching and as we continued I could not help but think about how much I was enjoying this whole process… it’s great to activate and ‘wake up’ the body.  We paired up for our practical and Sensei placed Linda and myself together so I had a chance to show her what I have been learning to date… working the Liver meridian on the back, I did palming and thumbing up and down each side of the spine.  All went well, however I did find my lower back giving into some pain at one point… but that’s just a matter of getting used to holding the positions.  Sensei then had us switch and he showed Linda in more detail the basic routine and I must admit, she did very well for her first efforts.  We split and partnered up again, this time with me and David.  I was glad to get a chance to work on David again after my first dismal attempt at thumbing.

This time around I really put my heart and soul into the treatment, and I could feel the connection.  I love that about Shiatsu – it makes it so special.  I did have momentary awkwardness again with the thumbing routine, this time not so much applying weight over pressure, but remembering the sequence of movements, (this I must admit is pretty important and I am sure not to forget them again).   Regardless, I was much more satisfied with my efforts, and then it was David's turn to  have an opportunity to work on me.

Right after his palming technique on my back, (something I always find immensely relaxing if done right), I noticed David’s thumbing routine and it reminded me of the importance of not just working on others, but having others work on you too.  David, a staffer at the Dojo, is its resident acupuncturist and herbologist.  This is a profession which takes a great amount of dedication and skill to administer successfully, which from all accounts, David does magnificently.  Right away I noticed two things in his treatment on me – the first was that he seemed to know or sense just how much pressure to exert in contacting the meridian and then to provide release.  And second, at each and every touch he hit the meridian point right on.  It felt great and it was a real point of difference over work I have had from the other students thus far, and at our rudimentary level, understandably so.  But what a difference…. It was as if he had meridian magnets in this thumbs!  I recalled my friend Casein’s treatments and my feeling the same way at how relaxing and effective his treatment was… and a huge part of that was in knowing what you are doing.  Very cool.

We concluded with some partner stretching… this too Casein had introduced me to months earlier – albeit with some impatience over my ineptitude at remembering the order of routines.  However I really really love the partner assisted stretches – so deep, relaxing and beneficial.  It’s hard to imagine this is actually “class-work” it’s so good!  I pared up with Jordan (pseudonym) and we worked really well together.  We seem pretty comfortable with each other and we are planning on taking an extra Saturday sometime  to come in and work on our Shiatsu techniques more , as practice really does make perfect.

We took a break and regrouped after half an hour to continue our Five Element Theory with Sue.  This too is one of my favorites areas of study – it just seems to make so much sense, especially once you have committed yourself to memorizing the organs and how they relate to the elements.

It was quite an amazing class… after coming in somewhat warn-down in energy, I felt alive and recharged… my body having been exerted, but also energized and feeling light.  But what did Linda get out of all of this?  Will she continue on and join us for the next ten months of life and study?  A decision awaits….

<![CDATA[Ki: May the force be with you!]]>Fri, 25 Sep 2009 22:54:44 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/ki-may-the-force-be-with-youPicture
Tales from the Urban Monk

After the excitement of the fist class and the experience of my first treatment I was feeling pretty good about tonight's class... but as the universe would have it, there were to be more important lessons to be learned over that of just the feel-good.

It was Friday, the end of a busy week and admittedly it was a bit of a stress to break free from work and make it to the Dojo on time. Entering a room full of meditating students all facing the wall seemed a brave move being mindful not to break into the moment, but I carefully took my place to catch the last precious minutes to enjoy a 'time out' from the chaos of modern society.  I settled my mind but my consciousness moved to my heart pounding rhythmically inside my chest. My sensitivities heightened so that I could actually feel the contraction and release of the heart muscle itself and for a moment I could not help but admire the beautiful bit of machinery that is the human body. But I was still not completely settled, as my jumping heart kept telling me.

Sensei was to begin his lesson. 'What is Chi?... what is it?' he asked again. 'It is the life-force' I responded. 'Okay' he said. 'It is Pranna' responded another student to which came a another probing 'Okay' acknowledgment from Sensei. 'It is the energy in every living thing. it is all around us' said another of the students. "Mmmm" came the baritone from Sensei this time. 'You are all correct.... but let me explain more for you. Chi is a force. But it is an invisible force. Yes, it is all around... and much like the wind, you can not see it, but you can be the effect of it and experience its effects.'

Sensei stood and moved over to pick up a vase of cut flowers. 'And by our observation we can also get from any living thing an indication as to the condition of its Chi. Some of the flowers here are full of their life force, while you can see a few here are beginning to loose their essence'.

'And you can also sense it', Sensei continued. Imagine if you had a newborn baby here in front of you. And beside, you had of similar weight and size a rag-doll... now if you were to close your eyes and place your hand over the newborn baby, and then over the rag-doll, you would be able to tell one from the other. The living from the not living. That is Chi.'

Shiatsu works on this fundamental: Chi is a life-force energy which flows though the body and by the knowing application of touch, the practitioner can improve the health and vitality of the client by releasing energy blockages and activating normal the normal flow of energy to the body's systems.  Chi, flowing through the body in much the same way as blood, relies on 12 special pathways known as meridians.  When Chi is flowing freely and in complete balance through these meridians, then a person is said to be of good health and vitality.

'Imagine these meridians like rivers of water flowing over the Earth.  Some are large rivers that flow close to the surface, while others are like streams that run deep beneath the ground.  In time, you will get to know them, and know them well'.  Sensei's imagery was again beautiful and his words of encouragement reassuring.

Our practical continued from our first class where we did a basic palming technique on the back.  But this time, we learned a new transition stance over the client so that we could apply thumb pressure vertically down the spine.  In this instance I had my first opportunity to work on David, a teacher at the Dojo and someone who my friend Casein regarded as adept.  However, my inexperience was to show itself and I could sense difficulty in connecting with David and him bearing with my inadequate thumbing technique.  I imagined  this must have felt like the equivalent of Norman Bates stabbing that girl in famous shower scene from Psycho.  Yes, Psycho Shiatsu is my specialty - no blood, less clean-up!  Enough of that thinking, time to keep present, I reminded myself.

Sensei must have observed my struggle and come over to offer advice on my technique.  'Imagine you have a plumb in your hand and you are gently applying your weight to your thumbs, not pushing down with your whole hand'.  Ah, yes, I remember Casein asking me to give him this exact same treatment one day and my having a similar dismal result at providing any real comfort. 

In conclusion, my abilities were yet to be developed and polished.  I felt a bit disappointed with myself and especially at not being able to impress David.  But then I got a hold of my self and my psychology.  I was not there to impress David, or anyone for that matter.  I was there to learn and to learn through experience and repeated effort.  I felt better at the realization and reflective of how quick we are to self-criticize and even give-up if at first we are not perfect at something.  Again, the practical experience and the environment of the Dojo offered more to me than I could have imagined. 

My next class awaits for its ever inquisitive student once more...

<![CDATA[First Treatment Given...]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2009 22:51:36 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/first-treatment-givenPicture
Tales from the Urban Monk

Last night I gave my first treatment – working the back and spine of my client, LA (pseudonym).  I had prepared the room well – mat, sheet, pillow, incense and candlelight and then it was time to prepare myself.  I did a couple of exercises and the clearing routine which I found most powerful.  I was glad I did this (a requirement of any treatment regardless) however I found it placed within me a powerful, yet meditative feeling.

My client lay on her back on the mat and the scene looked great.  I approached her and sat beside, taking the time to harmonize her energies with mine before I rested my hand on her lower Dan Tien (the region located three finger widths below the belly button, said to be the seat of the soul).   "The first touch is the most important one”…  Sense’s words echoed through my mind.  And I now understand why, as instantly upon my hand resting on her stomach, a connection of consciousness was established.  I could feel her breathing, her slight apprehension and to some extend a perception of her cognitions, but I maintained my state and continued my treatment.

I whispered to LA to rollover onto her stomach and upon such I then set about with working on her back and spine.  I could sense as she slowly gave way to relaxation – ‘I must have been doing something right’, I thought with a smile inside.  My first treatment taught me a lot.  Finding the right contact distance with the client to best apply my weight; learning to relax my shoulders and keep my elbows bent; and staying present to the needs of my client as I perceive areas of stress, injury or blockages in the body.  Quite fascinating.  I spent an even half hour with her and left her to relax on the mat which she did for about five minutes…. Another good sign, I thought.  When we met again, LA smiled and said ‘that was excellent’.  I was really happy to have this feedback but cautioned her about speaking – just wanting her to stay with what she was feeling and experiencing inside.

When I went to bed that night I was still very much feeling in a meditative state.  It was quite powerful in fact, a feeling I was not accustomed to in some time.  I could sense that my astral body or aura seemed to extend a good two feet all around me and was quite dense with active energy.  Upon resting on my back I could see with my mind’s eye my ‘light body’.  I had never really seen this before and I looked upon it with much curiosity.  It reminded me of Klatu from the original Day the Earth Stood Still in that it seemed to have a quite definite and contained form.  It was full of moving, sparkling lights of soft hues and seemed to look ‘electric’ floating gently just on top of my physical body.   It was a little disturbing in that wherever I placed my thoughts, I could feel the astral body move, as if it wanted to fly off in the direction of these thoughts – perhaps we are a connected consciousness after all?

I guess too, what surprised me the most was how much I got out of providing a treatment for someone else.  Despite the learning experience, (and somewhat tender knees and lower back), I felt like tonight I had been ‘activated’ on some level.  I remember the last treatment Casein gave me.... it was late one mid-summer night this year.  There were two distinct points where I felt a surge of energy seem to ripple down through his crown chakra and out through his hands and into my body like a bolt of electricity.  Perhaps it was Kundalini energy (known as the energy of consciousness), perhaps it was some other from of healing energy from the divine, I do not know. But he had prepared himself well through his efforts and training to have become the perfect conduit.  We talked about the treatment and the sensation afterward and it really was something quite special we experienced, which furthered our already strong friendship and commitment to our personal growth.

When I did the clearing exercise just before treating LA I experienced something different, though significant... as if something ‘switched on’ inside of me.  I even recall holding my stance and opening my eyes to look around for a few seconds at one point.   I do feel changed, improved, somehow washed clean and excited to continue my classes and treatments.   My second class is tonight.... wish me well.

<![CDATA[Dojo - the first class]]>Tue, 22 Sep 2009 22:52:29 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/dojo-the-first-classPicture
Tales from the Urban Monk:

Tonight was my much-anticipated first class at the Dojo. After my experiencing some apprehension in earlier months over what to expect, all I could feel today was excitement at the commencement of this new and wonderful adventure...

Having arrived at the Dojo I was greeted and given my Gi (training uniform). I took off my street clothes and changed into the crisp-white t-shirt and cotton pants and slowly walked down the hall to where I would commence the next 10 months of learning. My senses activated as my bare feet touched with each step against the organic polished-wood of the Dojo floor.

The fragrant smell of Incense gently filled the invisible spaces and my gaze snapped to catch sight of the Sensei seated center and statuesque in lotus position. The power of the man and the moment did not go unnoticed to the extent that I had to take a few seconds aside to breathe and compose myself. A year earlier my best friend Casein (pseudonym) had taken this same path and I remembered with a degree of sentimentality at the rich tapestry of experience he had relayed of his time here. Back in present time, I then stood in the doorway, bowed and entered the room where Sensei motioned to me with a wave of his hand to an empty cushion to sit upon.

To my surprise there were only five new students in this enrollment and four of them are male! I had a premonition that this would be the case about two days earlier, but refused to believe it for some reason. There are also two senior students returning to complete their studies with us. I must admit some disappointment that the class is not more evenly balanced between men and women, however, I felt a good vibe from them all and will enjoy working with them, regardless of all the testosterone. I guess there is something in me that longs for more appreciation of the female form.

The class formalities began with a meditation which was enjoyable as it calmed my mind and settled my body to the environment of the Dojo. We continued by chanting 'The Great Compassion Dharani' along with the three other teachers, David, Anne and Sue (pseudonyms), who were in attendance and also provided much needed support at our feeble attempt at our first reciting.

Sensei then began by welcoming us and telling about his own teacher's perspective on the study of Zen Shiatsu and that we will all learn this style, however each bringing our individual interpretation to it in time within our own practice. He went on to explain his belief that everything has soul energy or consciousness. Sensei gave the example whereby we would thus place our meditation cushions on the floor to sit on, rather than throw them down, and that we would take our seat with flow and ease, rather that with random and unconscious awkwardness. The idea is that we have awareness in all our actions and appreciation for all things...

This was followed with some breathing, physical exercises and stretches to activate our Chi.  Also known as Ki or Qi, it is the vital energy or life force that flows through the body. Creating and promoting a balanced flow of Chi is a fundamental principle of Shiatsu.

As part of this there were approximately four different exercises aimed at developing core strength which we repeated ten times and in three quick successive sets.  The half hour program was not impossible, but its pace was challenging and thoroughly worked up a sweat across my brow.  We all caught our breath and then learned how to do a 'clearing' posture which we are to do before we commence any treatments. At this moment I had an epiphany of sorts, but that I shall keep to myself for the time being as I look to seek further clarification upon my realization.

Several of the other exercises I had done before and enjoyed, however there was a couple which I found completely new and compelling. One in particular, known as 'Knee-walking',  is where we had to move across the floor with one knee on the ground (sitting on our heel) with the other leg with knee bent at a 90 degree angle with the foot on floor for stability. This is known as the half-squat position. We then had to move using our core muscles to shift our weight to let the raised knee drop forward to the floor while bringing the other foot forward so as to reverse the seating position so that you are now squatting seated on the opposite heel.  Sensei said for us to imagine as if our ankles were tied together with a rope and we had to make our way across the floor without using our hands or arms for momentum. I found this most fun and exerting, but with sore knees at the end. I pictured us all leaving the Dojo with bloody knee stains on our uniforms (lol) but this was, of course, far from the reality.

After a short break, Sensei continued with a Shiatsu treatment of Anne (pseudonym) one of the other teachers at the Dojo, who had by this stage disrobed and come forward to lay on the mat for her treatment. I must confess, it was beautiful to see her body and to see her surrender to its near naked form in front of all the guys. I believe this had a profound effect at putting all of the other students at ease in being comfortable with our bodies. As Sensei continued working Anne's meridians, I saw her aura at one point release a smoky bubble of gray energy  from behind the back of her head.  This energy appeared to float up in the air in a circular swirl and then disappear.  This was only the second time in my life that I have seen such energy move from the body.

At the conclusion of the treatment, Sensei asked each in the class what they were feeling....  for some it appeared that watching Sensei treat was like a meditation.  One of the guys simply replied "interesting" which I found an interesting response in itself.  I just wanted to speak from my heart and my heart felt as if I were a boy, experiencing life afresh and new with all its wonder.  Sensei replied "Well, that is a great place to start".

When it came time to receiving a treatment myself from another student, I had no hesitation in removing my shirt, something I never do in my own leisure - having been quite self conscious in the past for some dumb-ass conservative reason of which I have long since forgotten. It was then, however, that I caught Sensei's attention. He came over to me and pointed at my crumpled shirt on the Dojo floor.... "Remember to practice awareness AJ: everything has a consciousness and when we remove our shirt in the Dojo, we fold it and place it on the floor". A smile broke out at his words, for my action was most untypical of me - and I proceeded to pick up my sad looking shirt, fold it and place it gently aside to continue my treatment. I do believe I've just been made an example of what not to do in class - the fact of which I found most humorous.

The first class ran from 5:30 until 10pm and the format was thus...
  • Wall Crawling (Meditation)
  • Chanting (the Great Compassionate Dharani)
  • Stretching (Do-In)
  • Core Strength Exercises
  • Sitting/Standing postures
  • Treatment Demonstration 
  • Clearing stance
  • Basic back treatment (practical) weight vs strength
  • Theory: History of Shiatsu
The mood I feel was one of breaking new boundaries, expanding and coming into new awareness of self and others. It felt good and fresh and I felt grateful at the decision I had made to undertake this wonderful and challenging endeavor. I arrived home feeling balanced, my mind at ease, but with the feeling throughout my physical body that every muscle seemed to have been exerted. I very much had the cognition that I must take my nutrition much more seriously to sustain my physical body - or it will become fatigued and hold me back... but for the time being, bath, bed and sleep are necessary until we meet again on Friday for the second of many more classes to follow.

<![CDATA[Indigo Children and the struggle with loneliness]]>Mon, 25 Aug 2008 21:05:16 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/indigo-children-and-the-struggle-with-lonelinessPicture
Indigo Children and Adults

There has been steady talk on the phenomenon of ‘Indigo Children’ these past few years – and we now know that there are very many Indigo Adults among them today – as the increasing popularity of sites like IndigoWorld will attest.

But a common element among these wonderful beings, children and adults alike, is a sense of loneliness or feeling alone.  Unlikely to follow popular trends or fall into social ‘cliques’ Indigo Children, often described as ‘unique’, are absorbed with an insight and level of experience which can be difficult at times to express under existing popular viewpoints.

One of the key elements here is to understand something fundamental about these individuals we are so quick to label ‘Indigo’.  They aren’t problematic members of a perfectly functioning society; nor are they worthy of study and diagnosis and treatment, affected by ADHD or other such mental ‘diseases’.  No.  What they are, and who they are is very simple.  Indigos are pure spiritual beings.  And we are not talking Anthony Robbins ‘feel-good’ here.  We are taking about the very real physical, mental and biological components exhibited which comprise up the new beings of today we know as ‘Indigo’.  For those with insight, these qualities are even more manifest in the younger ‘Crystal’ generation.  And it is this quality – as pure spiritual beings – which seems to separate them from most others in society, as they are a creation ahead of their time – here guide and represent the future ‘norm’.

When it comes to understanding the Indigo and Crystal children, this ‘difference’ quickly manifests itself.   Simple conversations, viewpoints and considerations can exhibit vast scales of reference as the non-spiritually aware and the spiritually activated individual attempt to reconcile. 

How can you explain a surfacing memory of past life recall to someone who’s personal belief system does not even permit the existence of past lives?  How do you show interest in competitive sports when your viewpoint is not to eliminate your opponent, but to be inclusive and share?  And how do you complete a linear learning program when the solutions are found outside of the known structure?  It’s all very frustrating and without doubt it can lead to isolation, introspection and periods of extreme sensitivity and loneliness for the Indigo Child.

But herein is the opportunity – not the despondency.  In understanding more about yourself as Indigo and how you operate, you will find that you are in fact not alone at all.   Indigos are very much supported and connected through the divine and through the consciousness grid.  With such and understanding of self Indigo Children will quickly be able to seek out and identify others of like mind and learn that this is exactly what they are supposed to be doing in building networks of new communities and establish new paradigms of existence.  The reality is that this possibility for our future humanity is very exciting.

To be clear – an Indigo is a pure spiritual being – meaning that an Indigo has a CONSCIOUS awareness of the spiritual realm – as well as – a conscious awareness of the physical realm.  They are in effect, living in two realities on a multi-dimensional plane.  At the moment, it would seem that the majority of those on Earth have as their level of reference limited to an understanding of themselves only as an entity existing within the physical realm.

The physical realm includes reference within the five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. For many, anything experience beyond these senses is invalidated.  Even if the individual knows they have consciously experienced ‘something’, as it is outside of their physical viewpoint, it will be dismissed. 

For the Indigo and Crystal children – their experience includes references from what we sometimes call the sixth sense.  Significantly, special terms for them have been built into our lexicon.  For example, they do not just have sight, but they exhibit ‘second sight’ or ‘insight’.  They do not just physically touch – but they physically ‘sense’. The Indigo and Crystal children have these additional senses more or less fully-developed and rely on them as being more accurate that the traditional senses.  The idea of which, is still something far away from the considerations of society today, let alone from becoming part of the ‘norm’. 

The difference again is that Indigo and Crystal children rely on their personal beliefs and enlightenment; whereas the majority operates on seeking out external power and influence found through control and dominance over the physical environment.  We see this every day in the corporate and political worlds, through inaction of laws and the building of military might.  So much of our society today revolves around market forces where the stock market is coveted and personal status reigns. 

An Indigo knows that the use of force over another is a violation of spiritual law and thus there endeavors are almost exclusively found in forms of personal expression.  An Indigo knows that power is found in the collective universe – free and available to all rather than a commodity exclusive to an affluent few.  An Indigo is thus unique and it stands out as brilliant or even problematic in society.  The Indigo is even aware of this and will introvert as much as possible, just to assimilate.

There is a phenomenal hope on the horizon, however.  Society is changing and is accepting.  More and more people and recognizing Indigo, learning from them and even finding their own abilities manifest.  Traditional viewpoints are changing and organizational and political structures are evaporating to be replaced with a new way of working and sharing responsibility and resources together.

Indigo Children stay the course.  The Crystal generation will have much to thank you for in the years to follow and you will find yourself part of a wonderful community – the beginnings of which are starting to now manifest.  Follow your heart and protect your personal interests – the rest will take care of itself. 

<![CDATA[What are 'Psychic' abilities?]]>Sat, 12 Apr 2008 21:28:10 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/what-are-psychic-abilitiesPicture
Indigo Children and Adults

Just like developing a good sense of touch, hearing, sight or smell, our other senses - some call the Psychic senses - are also a natural part of our system and can be developed or enhanced with very little effort.

The types of abilities we possess are many and varied... just like a mother's intuition 'knowing' the where-abouts of her child, they can fall into the following categories:

This is the ability to 'hear' mentally without using the ears (although some may have a sensation in one or both ears of this phenomena).  This ability manifests like that of an inner 'whisper' so to speak, and examples can include the hearing of celestial music (the music of the spheres), a word or message from your guides, angels or loved-ones recently departed, or even the simple calling of your name to get your attention.

The ability to have an inner-knowing about something or someone.   An example might be knowing how to find directions to a place you have never been to before, or how to fix something without having attempted to before.  Those persons who have developed the ability to 'channel' information (such as inventions, writing and other beings) are another example of this.

These people are sometimes known as 'empaths' for their empathetic ability to perceive how others are feeling emotionally and sense their overall well-being.  Parents do this very well, as do most of us when it relates to our pets.  It is also a 'gut-feeling' which helps us know the truth in what is said or communicated, but also the ability to sense sudden isolated areas of temperature changes in a room or changes in smell which are not perceptible to others.  Animals (like dogs that can sniff bombs, track people or smell cancer) are an example of this, and humans too, who can smell oncoming rain or the cold-flu in others before they even realize they are sick.

This is the ability to see mentally (images which appear in the minds eye) beyond ordinary time and space limitations. This is also sometimes called 'second-sight'. 

The best way to develop your abilities is to understand they work with the sub-conscious mind. 
  • Begin to pay attention to your environment and yourself within it.
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts, dreams and experiences.
  • Learn at your own pace, don't limit yourself to time or what others have to say about 'progress'.
  • Don't evaluate your results, second-guess yourself or be discouraged by what others say.
  • Stay objective (you are not a guru or someone special from the past or future, you are just as special as everyone else).
  • Be willing to open yourself up to these experiences beyond the five senses we know and use all the time.
  • Be pure of heart, motive and intention.
  • Don't quit - practice makes perfect!

<![CDATA[Who are the Indigo Children and Adults?]]>Thu, 01 Mar 2007 21:54:00 GMThttp://www.indigoworld.com/blog/who-are-the-indigo-children-and-adultsPictureThe Indigo's are part of a new wave of consciousness which has been coming to Earth since the 1960's 'Flower Children'. They come from all walks of society... are you one of them?
Indigo Children and Adults

The concept of 'Indigo Children' was born from those who were able to see the colors of the human aura, (which is the soul's unique signature represented as a frequency of light energy).  These people were able to see a predominant  'indigo' light in the aura of more and more young people who seemed to have an understanding of who they were and why they are here.  The term 'indigo-children' was born, but today there are indigo children, teenagers and adults who are also sometimes known as 'rainbow' and crystal' too.  But the names are really not that important, but discovering your abilities and connection to source IS.

These individuals are among the first generations who are fully-connected to 'source' or the divine.  This may be within unconsciously to some - expressed as one of more of the characteristics typical to Indigos - such as a demand for truth and honesty in self and others, or it may be fully manifest by those who are following their life paths, such as with energy-healer Adam the DreamHealer or with the amazing artwork of Akiane.

One thing is for sure, the Indigos that are on the planet today are here to provide us with a vision of the future and our full potential as the super-natural human beings that we truly are!  They teach with their insight, sensitivity and intuition and by doing so, help create a new world of existence in how we relate to each other in with the things that we find important in our lives to pursue.  Perhaps you are one of them!